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ECOPSIS strives for a clean and healthy environment that will contribute to the social and economic development of the population, the protection of the environment through resource optimization and the reduction of vulnerability to natural events.


Since 1992 ECOPSIS provides consultancy services for the development of sustainable sanitation and hygiene services - from basic urban and rural domestic sanitation and industrial sanitation to resource optimization, performance enhancement and communication strategies.




Established in 1992, ECOPSIS  is an international consulting firm specializing in the technical, socio-economic, financial and institutional challenges of sanitation projects.


Specific areas of intervention include all sectors related to human activity: wastewater and solid waste (from both domestic and industrial origins), basic sanitation and hygiene promotion.


The aim of ECOPSIS is to be proactive with the challenges posed by sanitation issues.


We strive for a world using sustainable sanitation, as this is an efficient tool that contributes to public health, poverty reduction and climate change resilience, achieve economic growth and environmental protection.




Project Cycle Management: identification, appraisal and evaluation.

Capacity Building: utility management, technical and vocational education and training, sector CB strategies.

Strategic Planning: National Sanitation and Hygiene policies and strategies, action and investment plans, urban master plans, communication strategies.

Development of Framework Conditions: Legal and regulatory framework, standards, municipal regulations.

Financial viability and private sector development: technology transfer, development of marketing tools, public-private partnerships.

Technical Expertise: identification of suitable technologies & providers, preliminary design and costing, tender process.

Worldwide experience
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